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About Us



Les Bains de L’alhambra Spa & Hammam.

Spa means health through water, water is therapeutic, relaxing and purifying. Since ancient times, water has been used to purify, relax, and cure illness. This dates back to Roman times, but it is believed that this technique was used even long before.

An experience in our spa is a moment of relaxation, reflection, relaxation and fullness. The goal and philosophy of our spa are to offer you well-being so that you can feel better once you have left us. Les Bains de L’Alhambra Spa & Hammam is a place of calm and serenity, which will awaken all your senses. Beauty and appearance have become the hallmarks of our modern societies.

Women and men today feel more than ever the need to take care of their appearance, for this, the Bains de L’Alhambra Spa & Hammam promise you to acquire a soothing energy, to enjoy a melody between shadow and light as well as a perfect union between modernity and tradition.

At the Bains de Alhambra Spa & Hammam, you will lift the veil on treatments that will both awaken your inner beauty and breathe a second air of youth into you.